martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Director of an Educational

Fecha: 28-10-2014

País: México
Ciudad: México D.F.

Área: Educación y psicopedagogía
Sector: Educación
Tipo de puesto: Full Time

Project TEN of the Jewish Agency
Director of an Educational/ Volunteer Center in Mexico


Suitable professional background experience in management of projects, institutions, educational organizations and large companies.
Professional experience and recognized success in informal Jewish education, including training and leading groups.
Knowledge of Jewish literary sources (classic and modern) – Zionist sources and contemporary Israeli culture.
Dedication and interest in social and civil involvement,
Ability to build and lead a team.
Experience in working with a variety of different organizations and the ability to develop personal and professional relationships with leading personalities.
Experience in work with volunteers and in managing voluntary projects.
Ability to develop and implement complex projects including control and management of budgets.
Communication abilities, human relations, teamwork, and excellent management skills.
Excellent level of Spanish.
Excellent level of English (most of the verbal and written work will take place in English).
Ability to work under pressure in an intercultural and changing environment.
Ability to commit for 2 years and can leave immediately to the destination country.

Please send CV to Dafna Dgani, at:
For 'Mexico Director' position
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