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Paid Associate Internship for Management Office

Fecha: 08-12-2014
País: Israel 
Área: Administración y contabilidad
Sector: Administración
Tipo de puesto: Temporario

The King David Hotel is offering a paid associate internship in the management offices, starting this Winter. The associate internship provides a comprehensive way to learn about the world of hotels and gain hands-on experience in a variety of areas in the leading hotel of Israel.
During the training, the chosen associate will shadow senior members of staff and will be assigned to a rotation of departments so as to resume responsibility and confidence on different sides of hospitality management. These will include, but not be exclusive of - guest services, quality control, food and beverage, security and protocol, housekeeping and maintenance, VIP procedure and computing.
Candidates do not require any past experience in the hotel industry but must meet all the requirements listed below.
The associate internship is for a period of 18 months with the possibility of employment reserved by the management for an exceptional associate who has demonstrated their abilities throughout the program.

Job Description

The associate will be based in the King David Executive Management Offices, directly under the guidance of Hotel Manager. Their responsibilities will include, but not be exclusive of;
- Monitoring operational tasks in various departments of the hotel.
- Inspection of standards and quality control.
- Guest services.
- Management and improvement of social networks and new media.
- Secretarial tasks when office secretary is absent.
- Analyzing data related to hotel finances and bookings.
- Managing one-off tasks and projects based on the requirements of the Hotel.

Working Hours
The associate will work full-time, Sunday - Thursday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM with a possibility of working Fridays from time to time (8AM-NOON) according to necessity.
*These hours are a general framework only and candidates must be flexible regarding working hours.

What are we looking for

For this rare opportunity we are looking for an associate with exceptional abilities, including, but not exclusive of;
Desire to succeed and advance quickly in the hotel industry.
Exceptional learning ability.
Excellent communication skills - expression, comprehension and writing.
Positive Attitude.
High standards of appearance, etiquette, manner and conversation.
Flexibility and creativity in providing solutions to complex situations.
High interpersonal skills.
Understanding of the marketing advantage of social networks and new media.
Sound capabilities in computing - collecting, analyzing and presenting data.
Fluency in English speaking, writing and reading is a must. Knowledge of other languages (Hebrew, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian) is an advantage but not a requirement.
Israeli Citizenship.

This is a paid internship. The associate will be protected by all employment conditions and collective agreements that cover hospitality workers. These will be outlined and signed when the internship commences. Benefits will include;
A Monthly salary paid before or on the 9th day of each month.
Travel costs to and from work.
Meals in the staff dining room.
Paid vacation days.
Convalescence pay.
Holiday bonuses.
Pension payments.
An initial suit will be provided by the hotel. The associate must buy further appropriate wardrobe, including neck-ties for men, which may be dry cleaned at the hotel.
* These terms are general and some restrictions may apply. Final conditions will be detailed in the associate agreement that will be signed on the commencement of work.

Candidates should send their resumes and a cover letter in PDF format by email:
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